Expert Ruby On Rails Developer & DevOps

Full Stack Developer and Bug Bounty Hunter.

Can assure you

 ★ Best Design
 ★ Best Performance 
 ★ Highly Secure app

from Development to Production respecting Test driven development and also Zero Downtime Deployment. Have 6 years of experience over Ruby & Ruby on Rails & Linux Security

Top skills:

★★★ Ruby & Ruby on Rails & DevOps ★★★

Hosting & Maintaining any platform (Heroku, AWS, Digitalocean,VPS etc)

Database Management -

MySQL , PostgreSQL, Oracle etc

Front-end development -

React & React Native

HTML5 / HAML /slim, CSS3 / SCSS / SASS
javascript / Coffeescript/ jQuery/ Ajax/ AngularJS

Test driven development - Rspec

Expert on Git (version control system).

iOS app development - Swift/ Objective-C

Also Expert on

Blockchain, Spree e-commerce , Shopify,  
ShareTribe, Redmine, Peatio, Discourse

Also know about-

- docker
- chef
- puppet
- vagrant