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My passion for technology started when he was barely a teenager, at the age of 15. After finding a book on C++ my father had left on the ground I was hooked into the world of programming. Being able to create something out of nothing but letters and symbols blew my mind. A computer could say my name! My recent passions have encompassed all that is considered "Software"; from the roots of Business Development, through the customer interactions, all the way down to committing and reviewing code that contributes to a Sprint Backlog Item in the current Sprint. I love the feeling of a project coming together, team members organizing themselves to promote the best quality product, and developers walking away from any interaction feeling inspired and motivated.

While working as a software architect with an international software company that delivered capabilities to telecom, transportation, government organizations, I have been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of individuals and roles that has given me a well rounded sense of responsibility to the customers, share holders, executives and engineering.

As a engineer with not only the theoretical understanding of distributed computing, but one that has had numerous opportunities to work hands on with designing, implementing and deploying scalable, highly available, distributed software platforms able to deliver enterprise class reliability, I am excited to see where the Digital world takes us. The Internet-of-Things is then small step in our worlds evolution of mixing human ingenuity with the collective knowledge of our ancestors.

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