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    G                C               G
    Well I've been a bachelor all my life
    I thought the time had come to take a wife
       C                      G             Em
    So I moved to the city to find myself a mate
          A7                            D7
    But I get all confused when I start looking for a date
       G                C             G
    Oh I can't tell the boys from the girls
    And friends it's really messing up my world
         C                             G
    They all wear long hair and bouncy curls
          D                            G
    And I can't tell the boys from the girls

                          C                G
    I walked in a picture show and found a seat
    This pretty little thing sat down in front of me
             C                           G              Em
    I leaned over and asked her if she'd like some company
          A7                          D7
    But I nearly died when she turned out to be a he
    Repeat #2
                            C           G
    I'm going to leave this city and go home
    I guess I'll stay single from now on
          C                              G           Em
    But I won't make the same mistake by coming here again
          A7                        D7
    Cause I can't tell difference between the hers and hims

The Beast continued its studies with renewed Focus, building great Reference works and contemplating new Realities. The Beast brought forth its followers and acolytes to create a renewed smaller form of itself and, through Mischievous means, sent it out across the world. The Book of Mozilla, 6:27

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