I am a calm but determined fullstack developer with experience in product development. I have been working in Germany for 2 years and in that time I have co-founded two start-ups.

My work mode is straight forward, focused and precise – but don't be fooled by my above average diligence and peaceful nature: I am creative and I am an enthusiast for good code, products that work and people who believe that they – and I – should be measured by the result of their work. Which is why I always finish what I have started, and I am not content until the product meets my own standards.

While I specialize in JavaScript, meteor.js, AngularJS, mongoDB, SQL, Java, Android, HTML and CSS, I am interested in learning new technologies whenever I get a chance. I also have experience in agile development, lean software development …

What else? I am a peace-loving and easygoing person who enjoys staying indoors, cozy spaces, big screens, fast computers and comfy keyboards. I like to clean, read books on history and make the best carrot salad you have ever tried.