Carl Callewaert

Carl Callewaert has a master degree in pedagogical science. He joined VDAB (the public employment service of Flanders) in 1984. He has been coordinating vocational training centers for more than 16 years in different Flemish regions. Special areas of interest were training for employees, setup of a network of practice firms, workplace learning and international mobility for unemployed trainees of the vocational training center. He joined the Flemish ESF-team in 2000 as a quality auditor for two years and returned to VDAB to coordinate the policy for integrating newcomers on the Flemish labour market (accreditation of prior learning was an important issue). Later he reinforced the team working on methods for vocational training at VDAB. End 2009 he became director training programmes at EPOS, the Flemish national agency for the Lifelong Learning Programme and took the lead of the whole agency in 2013. Mid 2014 he was asked to return to VDAB as a policy advisor, Mid 2019 he took up his current job: co creator in an open innovation setting called the Work out Room (

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