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DevSecOps Engineer | Cloud Application Security | AppSec Engineer at Fujitsu Thailand

Managing Deployments on Kubernetes (Docker) Cluster using DevOps tools for Aws cloud infrastructure.

Migration: Migrating K8s cluster on Aws ec2 instances to AWS EKS using terraform

Setting ISTIO for observability, Converting Deployments to Helm Charts

Creating Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for iOS and Android build using Unity and Xcode to push Application to App Center.

Tools and Technology stack working: Git, Jenkins for CI / CD pipeline, Prometheus, Grapahna and Aws Cloudwatch - SNS service for monitoring and alerting to slack channel, setting up EFK using Terraform and Alerting application error logs to slack channel, Cassandra for no NoSql, PostgreSQL in RDS, Kafka for Distributed messaging, NGINX web server, OpenVPN, Memcached and Redis for caching, Hadoop, Spark for managing Big Data Analytics, Os primarily Linux and few windows boxes, Spring Boot Java application, Jira and Confluence.

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