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I'm an IT Architect, Developer, Analyst, Troubleshooter, and a trainer. As a trainer I teach several subjects like: .NET, Database, Java, J2EE, jBoss, weblogic, architectures, patterns, uml, etc. On a daily basis I'm involved (developing/architect/support) in the following subjects:

  • Java and J2EE Web Services, EJBs, JPA, Servlets, JSF, SOA
  • .NET WCF, ASP.NET, Sharepoint 2010, WPF, XAML e Silverlight
  • Solr
  • Wordpress installation, configuration and development PHP+MySql
  • SEO optimization
  • Support to Joomla web sites.
  • Databases, Oracle, PL-SQL, Sql Server, Integration Services, SQL.
  • As a trainer: Java, J2EE,.NET and Databases
  • Learning and developing Android, Windows 8 and iOS applications.

Recently: - PHP - Code Igniter - HTML5/CSS3/Javascript - Data Analysis, such as statistics, business intelligence, developing skills in R language. - Reading NoSql, Cloud and Big Data

As you can see, I'm very heterogeneous professional with a deeply experience in .NET Architectures, Java architectures and with a very good experience in Database Servers and Programming as a trainer and developer. I'm also focused in digging more deeply in areas such as Data Analysis, Business Intelligence and Big Data. I'm also a certified freelancer trainer, PMP Certified, Enterprise Developer Certified and DB certified.

I'm qualified to work in all roles in IT areas, such as developer, project managing, architect, business analyst, etc.

Specialties: -> NET, C#, WCF, WPF, Web Services, Sharepoint 2007/2010 , Microsoft Techs, Trainer, IIS ->Java, J2EE, WebLogic, jBoss, EJBs, JPA, Servlets, JSPs, JSF, Trainer ->Oracle, PL-SQL, Modeler, Analyst ->Sql Server DBA, Developer, Analyst, Trainer, Analysis Services, Performance and Troubleshooting ->PHP, Wordpress -> C#, C, C++, Python, PHP, Powershell, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS -> Architect and design Patterns, Analyst and Trainer

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