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Xavier Rubio Jansana
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I'm a Barcelona-based software engineer.

My main field of expertise is mobile development. I've been developing mobile apps since the times of Palm OS, and I've developed also for Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, J2ME, BlackBerry, iOS and Android, and also using web technologies (i.e hybrid apps) and data-driven UIs.

I'm a seasoned engineer and I've lead multiple teams during my career, both as a tech lead and as manager. I'm currently back at the IC track, where I enjoy being able to help teams achieve their objectives by leading them though the different challenges, and working with both product teams and designers to bring their ideas to a proper working solution. I also enjoy mentoring other engineers.

In the past I've also developed video applications, including streaming services, video processing in both server and mobile use cases and high availability, high troughput applications with up-times in the range of multiple months, and also worked as backend developer using technologies like J2EE, PHP, Hack and Python, working also in platforms like Amazon AWS and Google App Engine.

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