I had following question in my PSK assessment.

Which flow metric is used to forecast - how many work items will be done for the date'?

  1. Throughput
  2. Work Item Age (WIA)
  3. Cycle Time (CT)
  4. Work in Progress (WIP)

Statement of the question is very tricky and hard to answer. Is it about forecasting for work items for a date (daily bases) or a forecast about specific date?

What can be the valid answer? Can any one help?

Here are reference docs:

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I'm not sure what is unclear. From your own reference:

Throughput: The number of work items “finished” per unit of time.

So if you get asked: "How many units do you finish in an amount of time", this would be the obvious metric to make predictions. "We finish 5 units per day on average, so we should be able to finish around 30 by Friday next week".

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