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Should UAT estimation be more than QA's?

I am a BA for a software company and we are in the middle of building a project for one of our clients and following waterfall methodology When I showed the timeline to the client's project management ...
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Is Backlog a list of items or a status of those items?

I'm a little confused about the "backlog" best practice and I would like to educate myself on this. I know the point of it, but the thing is, that I can't tell by definition, whether it's a ...
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Please advise on my experience for the final month of a project closing

I would like to bring up my story for a closing project to have a discussion on practice as a Scrum Master. At that time I am working as a member in the Development Team roled as a support Engineer ...
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What is the evidence supporting the PMBOK practices?

The PMBOK (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 5th edition) states: The PMBOK Guide contains the globally recognized standard and guide for the project management profession. [....
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Best practice to register additional tasks

I am relatively new to the Scrum way of working and was wondering what to do with small tasks. Besides the main User Stories, we always end up with additional requirements or small changes after the ...
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What are the alternatives to Project Management? Is it Operations Management?

Since there is not other SE-community on management I ask this here, but I am happy to be guided somewhere else. Even though there a different definitions of what a project is, they all have in ...
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3 answers

What does "CHAOS" stand for in the CHAOS Report?

The Standish Group produces the CHAOS Report, with industry research on Project Management and Business Analysis standards, but what does "CHAOS" stand for? "Create Havoc Around Our System"? My ...
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What are the first steps (if any) to implement an effective kata for project management?

In software development, the concept of a programming kata is being practiced by many developers (e.g. examples of programming kata, book on katas) to be exposed to new good practices and get used to ...
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What are the minimum viable Agile practices for a startup team of 2 people?

I know that Scrum team is between 3 and 9. But it's quite often that the initial bootstrap project team is of two developers. What specific set of practices would you recommend for them to follow in ...
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Project management Laws [closed]

I'd like some web or list of well-known laws of project management. Examples: Pareto Principle, Law of 90%, Parkinson Law, etc. Some days ago I read about one that say something like: "If you study ...