e.g. I have a task that has to be fulfilled by two persons, but person B cannot start before person A has finished his part of the task. How do I scedule this in MS project 2010 without having to split the task in subtasks?

So, how do I enter resource dependencies/constraints?


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Unless this is supported in Project Server, of which I have no experience, you cannot do this in MS-Project. It simply does not include the concept of resource dependencies within a task.

In any case, despite the fact you say you do not want to split the task, the fact that it has two parts fulfilled by two separate resources with a strict linear order, means that the overall task does consist of two subtasks. If that is the reality then modelling it any other way in MS-Project does not make sense.

I don't know whether it is any more palatable to you, but if I were doing this I would create an umbrella task and indent one level for the two sub-tasks which you can then order using a Finish-to-Start constraint. Then just use the umbrella task as if it were one task, i.e. it have its own constraints and scheduling (to a certain extent), it just happens to be made up two separate tasks internally.


You can alter when resources work on tasks in the Task Usage view or in the Task form with the Schedule format applied. However, as Marv notes, there is not a way to create a resource dependency -only task dependencies.

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