I am a novice Jira user, part of a pilot project where none of us have notable experience. We are using hosted Jira. The site administrator has made me administrator of a couple of projects. Now I'd like to start by importing a backlog from an existing spreadsheet. I have prepared the CSV, but can nowhere find the "import" link mentioned in the documention, nor can I get to an Administration page such as I am seeing in YouTube videos. I am listed in "users and roles" as an administrator of the project in question, but I am not a site administrator, if that matters.

  • Not a direct answer, so will leave it as a comment: you can also use the Jira API to create Jiras in bulk.
    – Tiago Cardoso
    Feb 16 '18 at 8:32
  • Good to know, but obviously not useful from the non-admin perspective. (But, something I'll explore more when I move to an organization actively developing with Jira, again.) Apr 9 '18 at 13:29
  • Hi Ari, I haven't read the specific article in detail, but the Jira API is to be used by anyone - don't need any specific admin access.
    – Tiago Cardoso
    Apr 9 '18 at 20:27

You need to be a Jira Administrator, per the documentation.


Importing your CSV file

Once your CSV file has been prepared, log into your JIRA Cloud site as a JIRA administrator to start the import process.


Running the CSV file import wizard

Before you begin, please back up your JIRA data.

Log in to JIRA as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission. Select Administration > System > Import & Export > External System Import > Import button associated with the Comma-separated values (CSV) option to open the CSV File import page.

Please note that a Jira Administrator does not grant ALL access, as does Jira System Administrator. You can find more information about the Jira roles in the relevant documentation (server, cloud).

  • That is too bad. The ability to import, rather than use hosted entry tools is a big sanity and time saver. It seems to have been possible in Jira 6 for global-users. I wonder why it was removed. Jun 29 '17 at 20:15

It turns out that Jira =does= allow regular users to import while using the hosted Jira (presumably, 7.x?). This is present as part of the "issues" menu. It is currently absent when beta-testing the new, allegedly improved Jira interface.

So, if the ability to import issues using CSV is important, and you are =not= a Jira administrator, you can do so, but you must be using the current "classic" interface, not beta-testing the new.

This lack may be corrected as the new beta develops.

  • The regular-user import mode is a godsend to Jira admins who don't want badly formatted CSVs creating more than just issues. Admin-mode importer can create new values for just about anything in Jira, including new license-eating user accounts. Dec 20 '17 at 21:07

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