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Project management vs. Program management vs. Portfolio management [duplicate]

I am now entering the field of project management and I am reading on google and other books I have found. My question is what is the difference between Project management vs. Program management vs. ...
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What's the difference between a project lead and a team lead

I'm a developer and I'm working in a small IT firm. I want to know what are common differences between a project lead and a team lead. My background: in our company we have only lead programmers and ...
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What's the exact definition of "Program Manager"?

I'm still confused with the title 'Program Manager' after I went through this site and searched over threads. Actually I haven't seen many 'Program Managers' in practice. Is it a regular role in ...
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What are the differences between project leader and project manager

Is there any difference between a project leader and a project manager? Is their involvement different in any aspect? What are the tasks performed by project managers? What are the tasks performed ...
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Is a Project Coordinator a Step closer to becoming a Project Manager?

So I understand that the Project Coordinator's main duties are to schedules the project, manages contracts and vendors, manages the resources (especially in construction projects), creates most ...
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What are differences between Project Manager, Project Expeditor and Project Coordinator?

What are differences between these positions in matrix organization structure? There is no "Project Expeditor" in this question and it is not related with matrix organization structure.
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Process, program and project management

I was wondering what differences and relation are between process management, program management and project management? I feel their Wikipedia articles do not give me a clear explanation. More ...
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Are Program Management skills different from Project Management skills?

My company has a series of projects with dependencies between them (eg back end hardware refresh/virtualisation, new desktop build/roll-out, database upgrade and implementation of new functionality, ...
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Should our Tech Manager or Product Manager be the Project Manager?

We have one technology manager and three product managers. As our small startup grows from 4 people to almost 100 I had assumed that our new product managers would also be 'project managers.' (The ...
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Role of a project manager

At my work we have a single project manager on site. We have several concurrently running projects split between a couple of dozen developers, and we also have several developer teams overseas who ...
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What are the differences between a project assistant, manager, and secretary?

Is there a difference and if ‘yes’ does there exist a definition of their scopes? I was asking aunt Google but got the impression from job descriptions that the scope or responsibilities overlap ...
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