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Questions tagged [outsourcing]

For questions about outsourcing within the project.

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4 answers

Possible to salvage failing outsourced project (9 months in)?

We began working with an outsourcing company in India 9 months ago on a large web project. Despite lots of rough edges, it seemed like they were making good progress in terms of completing tasks, and ...
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What is a budget of an outsource fixed-price project

Let's suppose there's a customer who needs a software product and there's a custom software development company that is ready to implement this product. They agreed that the customer has to pay X (...
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How to handle a potential failure of an outsourced project?

To provide some context, my company outsourced a software project to a third party agency, against my recommendation of not doing so. The Agency delivery has been very poor so far in terms of quality ...
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Under what circumstances should a software vendor be allowed to increase charges due to unforeseen complexity?

Something that occurs quite often in outsourced software projects is the vendor underestimates the complexity or learning curve associated with an agreed-upon statement of work, and wants to increase ...
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How to deal with customer (dis)satisfaction and formal agreements amidst large rotation in small teams?

Working in outsourcing model I wonder what are your experiences with fluctuation on vendor's team level. Assuming smaller teams (up to 20 people) when team rotation on vendor's side reaches e.g. 30% ...
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Governance cost as percentage of FTEs

In an Outsourcing IT project we are are trying to estimate the relationship between the governance cost and the project size in FTE. For example, if the governance cost of a 500 FTEs project is X ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to transition from programmer to project manager?

I'm a programmer at a small company who's used to receiving projects by someone saying in a meeting: "make an e-commerce website," and then I'll just take it upon myself to do it. The only ...
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Outsourcing company: Usage of velocity for offers

Currently I am working in an outsourcing company and our management has decided to use the following scheme for "Velocity of the developers": Each developer has a velocity quotient: Senior Developer:...
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How to handle poor delivery from an Outsourced relationship?

To place in context, I made a document that went to tender where I stated the objectives and timeframe of the product, but because of an NDA I couldn't be explicit with a lot of it in case the ...
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