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How can a SAFe team end a failing sprint early?

In Scrum, the team has the power to bring a sprint to a premature end if it becomes clear that the Sprint Goal cannot be achieved (or if it becomes irrelevant). How can a SAFe team do the same thing? ...
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Possible to salvage failing outsourced project (9 months in)?

We began working with an outsourcing company in India 9 months ago on a large web project. Despite lots of rough edges, it seemed like they were making good progress in terms of completing tasks, and ...
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22 votes
6 answers

What is a failed sprint?

A sprint has just ended. All stories, but one were done by the software engineers. Should the sprint be labeled as 'failed' because of the story that was not completed? What exactly is a failed sprint?...
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How to handle real world sprint failures?

Example: I have a project where I want to import raw data into a new database. sprint 1: clean up/validate raw data sprint 2: import raw data to new database If sprint 1 fails, what is the SCRUM ...
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How to improve the workflow in laboratory

I am a graduate student in a Computer Science Laboratory since a few years ago. For the past years I have designed and implemented a fairly cutting-edged complex piece of software along a team of ...
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What is the framework "escape hatch" for a SAFe ART that is running down the wrong track?

Handling Incipient Failures in SAFe In Scrum, there is the notion of Cancelling a Sprint and returning to Sprint Planning if the Sprint Goal becomes obsolete, or if the iteration plan is so far off ...
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Reviewing a difficult project

I have been asked to help a company review a software project that has been very very painful, putting a lot of strain on the client relationship as well as between individuals as well as teams in ...
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7 answers

Agile team missing commitments regularly and complaining about no trust

I am on the product side and have an agile team that has missed every sprint commitment through the first 4 by between 40 and 60% measured by points. The team continues to say, that it is OK and that ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to approach a supervisor about the high risk of failure of his/her project?

In the event a manager takes on a particularly ambitious project, it is quite possible s/he has done so with a lack of understanding of the level of expertise or time needed to complete the task. It's ...
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6 answers

how to define success and failure criteria of project?

I got client requirement now i want to design strategy and criteria to measure success and failure of project please help me to do this actually i m developer now i got work of project manager so ...
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17 answers

What is the main factor that makes your project not meet its goals most of the time? [closed]

What is the most common problem you face regularly and how you can avoid it? I wonder if we, as a community, will agree on the same thing? I ask for some short answers (just in a few words) to ...
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13 votes
8 answers

What is the project manager's responsibility for the failed project?

Some time ago I was involved into a so called death march project. In spite of the Brook's law, I was hired when project was in the yellow zone. Several weeks after I started on my new job, I've been ...
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1 answer

"Death March" projects - any writers apart from Yourdon?

After digging through Google, it appears that Edward Yourdon has done most of the original writing on this topic. Are there any other writers who have covered this, or a similar topic, related to ...
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How to return Business As Usual when the Project has not delivered the requirements?

A product has been released with several open issues that have been ranked as minor by the PM and Project Assurance. The Board believes that with the functionality released the Business Users can ...
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Why do Scrum adoptions fail?

Scrum is the most popular of agile methods and since agile has become mainstream it is chosen more and more often as something teams should try. No surprise we often see Scrum implementations fail. ...
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8 votes
9 answers

What are most typical iconic examples of a poor project management? [closed]

Can you give examples of projects that failed due to their project management mistakes? Would be nice to have some internal details about "why?" and "how?".