Curious if there is a way to avoid Microsoft Project auto-adjusting the assignment units, when I add a resource in the Resource name column.

In the project settings all resources are set to 100% availability and all tasks are set to fixed units.

Basically, I'd like to have a resource always enter with 100% assignment, even for tasks that are less than 8hrs, as it currently auto-adjusts the assignment based on the percentage of the workday, that the work estimate is - see below example.

I can manually adjust the assignment back to 100%, but for huge projects, this is really annoying.

Is there any way to override this?

assignment units

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The screen shot does not show the field names, but it appears that you have a task Duration of 1 day (e.g. 8 hours), but Work set to 4 hrs (e.g. half a day). In order for resources to only work 4 hours on an 8 hour task, they must be set at 50%.

  • Thanks, Rachel, that is probably what happens. However, as I'm using fixed unit setting (and not fixed duration), for tasks where work units exceed 8 hours, the duration is extended, and I'd expect that for tasks shorter than, the duration should be dynamically set to less than 1 day (0,5;0,4;0,3, etc.) keeping the resource availability intact, but alas, seems like a build-in logic in Microsoft Project. Commented Feb 16, 2018 at 11:44

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