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PMP guarantees that the certified do have a general understanding of Project Management concepts and tools. It also guarantees that the certified is experienced with real-time projects. Know more about PMI Certifications.


Everything you wrote is correct. Your last bullet my read better as, "PV is the amount of cost accrued at a certain time on the project's timeline." In your example, your PV was distributed equally across time, i.e., at the end of two weeks you should have 50% of work. Just be aware of you're not already that PV is rarely equal across time. SPI ...


You should never perform work that is out of scope without a change request that would modify the scope and provide additional budget and time. When you complete a change request, assuming the scope changed caused the budget to increase, both the BAC and EAC will be revised to accommodate that change. The original BAC disappears as if it never existed ...

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