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I would suggest you start by thinking about what is involved in providing insurance. Then, imagine you are starting a new company that is going to be selling insurance. What would you need to do to sell your first insurance policy? These steps would then feed in to the phases of the project. What requirements would you need to gather before starting? What ...


I'm not sure what you mean by "Web script" - and it would help if you could share some of the "expensive solutions" you have found, but won't pay for. We use, and that is very flexible and covers all your bases. The cost scales with the team I think, so maybe check that out.


Open source project servers Welcome to pm.stackexchange! You can evaluate the following open source project servers in that order and see whether any of them will meet most of your requirements: OpenProject CE (Community Edition) Redmine LibrePlan Web2project project-open Projeqtor It will be helpful if you can share your findings back here for the benefit ...

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