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Conflict between priorities and skillsets in the backlog

So we have a very diligent PO who does a good job of prioritising the User Stories in the backlog when it comes to planning. Much of the work is highly specialised though, and - as well as being Scrum ...
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2 answers

Multiple project tracking

I've initiated into a PM role where there is a requirement to view project health of around 30-40 projects. This includes handling resource allocation requests. Can anyone please advise on using of an ...
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4 answers

When does one call themselves a "Consultant"?

I currently do a number of things at work, but I have no idea what to officially call myself?, I was a IT/Telco Design Engineer previously and now I do more Program Coordination/Governance, Resource ...
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Conflicting career options for a young professional [closed]

I'm new here, so here we go.. I previously was a young Telecommunication Engineer, but i mainly did IT solutions architect stuff in that area, since a year ago iv been doing a part-time MBA at a top ...
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How to determine the skills of a software developer in a job interview?

I have come to a new challenge in my career that involves handling some job interviews, and I must determine if the applicant really has mastered the skills he/she lists in his/her CV. How do I ...
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2 answers

How should an organization divide user stories between scrum teams?

We have a development team that works on multiple "products". We create a unified user-stories backlog, and effectively treat the multiple products as different feature areas of the same virtual big ...
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Where would be a good place to start a project management career? [closed]

I had recently obtained my PMP certification, currently I am already doing Project Management work but I would like to work in an environment where I could gain maximum exposure to project management, ...
19 votes
10 answers

How to manage employees leaving the company?

Some time ago, the company had to downsize due to difficulties, now things are going better, but employees are still leaving the company. There is no budget to increase the salary or benefits right ...
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